Post-conference field trip

NEW    Zeolite 2014 postconference trip programme

A two-day post conference field trip will be designed to visit an important zeolite deposit, geologic formations, and historic/cultural attractions in South-Western Serbia. The field trip will start and end in Belgrade. Serbian zeolite tuff deposits are genetically connected to volcanic-sedimentary rocks. Tuffs rich in HEU type minerals were deposited in marine and lake sediments of the Senonian epoch and Neogene period. Genesis of these tuffs is connected to the process of diagenesis of volcanic glass. Zeolite deposit in Igroš, Kopaonik mountain will be visited as well as facilities for their processing and beneficiation. There will be accompanying geologists, specialists and researchers to guide the participants. Several historic monuments of ancient times in this region will be visited as well. An appropriate guidebook for this field trip will be prepared by the Organizing Committee.

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