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Mission of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology, University of Split is systematic development and growth of excellence at national and international level, in the area of natural sciences, scientific field of chemistry, area of technical sciences, scientific field of chemical engineering, biotechnical sciences, scientific field of food technology and biotechnology and biomedical sciences, field of pharmacy. This implies also the development of interdisciplinary sciences that enable the students to achieve the highest academic standards and ensure acquiring knowledge in accordance with the requirements of the society, national development strategy of science and education, transfer and use of knowledge by connecting science and technology with economy and public sector.

In addition, the mission of the FCT is to become a centre of excellence in education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship  for  sustainable  development  at  a  national,  regional  and Mediterranean level. Furthermore, FCT established close cooperation with the scientific and higher education institutions and business partners in Croatia and abroad. The Faculty provides its employees and students with opportunities for internal and international mobility, in addition to rational use of human and material resources and development of scientific-educational activities and professional knowledge.


Vision of the FCT is to become highly positioned scientific and educational institution in Croatia, focused on conducting nationally and internationally recognised scientific, developmental and professional research in the area of natural, technical, biotechnical, biomedical and interdisciplinary sciences, aligned with those implemented in the European Higher Education Area –EHEA and the European Research Area –ERA. The Faculty will continue to educate high-quality and competent internationally recognised experts, conduct internationally recognised scientific and professional research and provide full support to the development of Croatian economy, both at a regional level and in the Mediterranean area.

The Faculty will follow Quality Assurance Policy and continue to invest efforts into its positioning and achieving the status of a prominent higher education institution and a reliable partner to business entities and national and international scientific and educational institutions and students. To achieve this goal, the Faculty will continue cooperation with the academic and commercial partners in Croatia and abroad, especially in the Mediterranean region and ensure constant monitoring and enhancement of quality, competitiveness and international ranking of educational, scientific and professional activities, with the aim of securing a high position of the Faculty compared to scientific and educational institutions in Croatia and the region.