Department of Electrochemistry & Materials Protection

Head of Department
Position Name and Surname e-mail Room Phone
Full professorLadislav Vrsaloviće-mail
Position Name and Surname e-mail Room Phone
Full professorSenka Gudiće-mail
Full professorLadislav Vrsaloviće-mail
Associate professorIvana Smoljkoe-mail
Inž.Vedrana Tomić-Feriće-mail
External collaborators
Position Name and Surname e-mail Room Phone
Full professorName and Surnamee-mail 021-329-
Associate professorName and Surnamee-mail 021-329-
Assistant professorName and Surnamee-mail 021-329-
Ph.D., AssistantName and Surnamee-mail 021-329-
Courses at the Department
Course Label of the study Course code ECTS
 Exercises in ElectrochemistryPKT-KIKTA2092.0
 Construction MaterialsPKT-KIKTA3032.5
 Exercises in Construction MaterialsPKT-KIKTA3042.0
 Exercises in ElectrodepositionPKT-KIKTA3141.0
 Renewable Energy SourcesPKT-KIKTA3253.0
 Exercises in Renewable Energy SourcesPKT-KIKTA3261.0
 Waste ManagementPKT-ZOKTJ3013.0
 Exercises in Waste Management PKT-ZOKTJ3021.0
 Construction Materials and Protection PKT-ZOKTJ3163.0
 Exercises in Construction Materials and Protection PKT-ZOKTJ3172.0
 Renewable Energy Sources PKT-ZOKTJ3253.0
 Exercises in Renewable Energy Sources PKT-ZOKTJ3261.0
 Food Industry Waste EngineeringPKT-PTKTK3154.0
 Electrochemical EngineeringDKT-M KTB1076.5
 Corrosion and Materials ProtectionDKT-M KTB2135.0
 Electrodeposition ProcessesDKT-M KTB2145.0
 Surface Protection TechnologiesDKT-M KTB2155.0
 Electrochemical Methods and Their ApplicationDKT-M KTB2165.0
 Corrosion InhibitorsDKT-M KTB2175.0
 Solid Waste and RecyclingDKT-M KTB2215.0
 Direct Energy ConversionDKT-M KTB2185.0
 Solid Waste and RecyclingDKT-ZOKTC2025.0
 Corrosion and the EnvironmentDKT-ZOKTC2145.0
 Corrosion and Materials ProtectionDKT-MKKTD2094.0
 Electrochemical EngineeringSS-KTMKTE2026.0
 Direct Energy ConversionSS-KTMKTE2105.0
 Solid Waste and RecyclingSS-KTMKTE2115.0
 Corrosion and the EnvironmentSS-KTMKTE2125.0
 Direct Energy ConversionSS-KTMKTE2195.5
 Corrosion and Materials ProtectionSS-KTMKTE3125.0
 Corrosion and Materials ProtectionSS-PTKTE2155.0
 Electrochemical EngineeringSS-ZOMKTL2035.5
 Metal Construction MaterialsSS-ZOMKTL2055.5
 Corrosion and Metals ProtectionSS-ZOMKTL2095.0
 Solid Waste and RecyclingSS-ZOMKTL3065.0
 Study’s label: PKT (Undergraduate study of Chemical Technology), PKT-KI (Undergraduate study of Chemical Technology, course: Chemical Engineering), PKT-ZO (Undergraduate study of Chemical Technology, course: Environmental Protection), PK (Undergraduate study of Chemistry), DKT (Graduate study of Chemical Technology), DKT-M (Graduate study of  Chemical Technology, course: Materials), DKT-ZO (Graduate study of Chemical Technology, course: Environmental Protection), DKT-MK (Graduate study of Chemical Technology, course: Mediterranean cultures), DK (Graduate study of Chemistry), DK-OKB (Graduate study of Chemistry, course: Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry), DK-KO (Graduate study of Chemistry, course: Environmental Chemistry), F (Integrated undergraduate and graduate study of Pharmacy), SS-KT (Professional study of Chemical Technology), SS-KTM (Professional study Chemical Technology, course: Chemical Technology and Materials), SS-PT  (Professional study of Chemical Technology, course: Food Technology), SS-ZOM (Professional study of Chemical Technology, course: Materials Protection and Recycling)