Research topics

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Topic 1.
Research and development of ecologically acceptable materials and sustainable processes
Topic objectives :
·         Developed polymer mixtures and composites with improved characteristics. Determined kinetic parameters for thermal decomposition.
·         Developed inorganic and organic materials and their composites with improved characteristics; applicable in electro-analysis, corrosion protection, conversion and electricity storage. Modified surfaces of construction metals and their alloys with the help of thin organic and inorganic films. Application of developed systems in realistic conditions.
·         Contribution to research, development and application of cement and non-cement composite materials for permanent waste disposal through hydration, stabilization/solidification and geo-polymerization processes
·         To develop new methods of natural zeolite minerals application in the area of environmental protection
·         Optimization of process parameters in heterogeneous systems with and without chemical reaction
·         Contribution to sea mineral resources research and finding a mathematical model for the process of sintering sea water magnesium oxide
·         Contribution to the development of components in photo-electric devices and micro-electromechanical sensor systems and development of nanostructure characterization methods

Topic 2.
Natural organic compounds profiling and potential
Topic objectives 2.
·         Developed and applied preparation methods for the isolation of organic compounds from different material sources and food (extraction, distillation and other) as well as extracts fractioning
·         Determined chemical profiles and an insight into bio-diversity of organic compounds (secondary metabolites, terpenes, norisoprenoids, phenyl-propane derivate and similar) from different sources (chemotypes, biomarkers and similar) using chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques
·         Contribution to the research of biologic activity (anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory potential and inhibition impact on biologically important enzyme systems and similar) samples, extracts, compound mixtures or individual compounds and other useful characteristics
·         Determined impact of different processing methods on stability and biological activity of nutritive and non-nutritive components obtained from Mediterranean food; developed new functional food containing optimal and stable amount of biologically active components
·         Researched stability of natural organic compounds (nutraceuticals) from food in two-phase simulated digestion model

Topic 3. Development of advanced analysis methods
Topic objectives 3.
·         Development and optimizing of new electro-analytical sensors
·         To develop suitable electro-chemical sensors for fast and efficient monitoring of chemical types in tested systems
·         Application and improvement of methods in the research of thermodynamic electrolytes characteristics in mixed solutions and micro-emulsion and obtaining useful thermodynamic and electro-kinetic data suitable for both theoretical and practical application
·         Determining kinetic parameters of chemical and biochemical reactions, miniaturization of measurement equipment with the aim of decreasing sample and reagents volume; meeting the requirements of ‘green chemistry’; application od developed analytical methods to different processes: production, environment and human organism.