Development of new membranes for ion-selective electrodes enriched with nanoparticles of metals and metal oxides - NANOISEM


Financed by Croatian Science Foundation

  • The aim of the project proposal is the development of multifunctional potentiometric sensors in solid state with membranes with the addition of nano particles, and microemulsion gel membrane. A secondary objective is to develop simple potentiometric sensors for the determination of chemical species of interest that would have improved properties. Improved sensor performance will be based on simpler preparation of samples for analysis (does not matter discoloration and turbidity of the sample), improved chemical, physical and electrical properties. Mentioned properties will directly improve the robustness, increase the linear dynamic range response, improved response time, extended life sensors, allow continuous measurement in real time, lower the costs of the analysis by reducing the amount of solution, which reduces the amount of harmful waste chemicals. Then the development of new on-line and in-line analytical method for the determination of an analyte of interest, which will improve the standard analytical methodology for the determination of selected species by improving the selectivity, sensitivity, stability and durability of the sensor. The development of ion-selective electrodes will be performed by the development of new membrane with addition of nano particles and microemulsion gel membrane. Following step will be creation of a new body of the electrode with solid contact, miniaturization in order to simplify the manufacturing process of ion selective electrodes or increased applicability of sensors especially for the continuous monitoring of process conditions of production, direct reduction in production costs, which will ultimately lead to reductions in the cost analysis.
    doc. dr. sc. Perica Bošković
    doc. dr. sc. Miće Jakić
    dr. sc. Ivana Mitar
    Andrea Sedlar, mag. chem.
    Tina Vukušić, dipl. ing.
    Karmela Zanki-Kulazo, dipl. ing.
    Anamarija Veljačić, mag. chem. ing.
  • Doc. dr. sc. Ante Prkić - email:

                                           - telefon: 021/ 329-462

                                           - broj sobe: B408