Kemijsko-tehnološki fakultet

Obavijest o svečanoj promociji

U petak, 7. lipnja 2019. godine u 12:00 sati u amfiteatru Zgrade tri fakulteta - A02, održat će se svečana promocija stručnih pristupnika, sveučilišnih prvostupnika i magistara struke Kemijsko-tehnološkog fakulteta u Splitu.

Northwestern Polytechnical University “Outstanding Visiting Student Scholarship” Instruction

  • The content of scholarship

The “Outstanding Visiting Student Scholarship” is set to reward foreign masters and doctoral students who have come to our school for at least three months and have achieved excellent academic performance in NPU. Those who have already obtained other scholarships can apply for airfare.

Free tuition and insurance. The living expenses are paid to the students on a monthly basis. The standard of living expenses is 2,000 yuan/month for master's degree students and 3,500 yuan/month for doctoral students.

In the case of sufficient beds in the school dormitory, NPU provides free dormitory for scholarship students; students who choose off-campus accommodation, the accommodation fee is directly sent to the student by NPU. The standard is: Master's degree students: 600 yuan / month, Ph.D. students: 900 yuan / month.

Applicants who have received other types of scholarships can enjoy a ticket subsidy of no more than 5,000 yuan depending on the amount of the ticket. For those who have important partnerships with our school or special outstanding students, they need to be approved by the International Student Admissions Leading Group to apply for an increase of the funding out of actual needs.